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Homestead Children: A Sampler of Children's Writings

Homestead Children: A Sampler of Children’s Writings

This book of children’s writings has no heavy academic term paper or lifeless “How I Spent My Summer” selections; it has no examples from typically stultified academic exercises emphasizing the rules of proper form while sacrificing the life of any content (though we recognize both form and content as essential); it has no grade-geared prose jargon peculiar to public education (and about as lively and warm as embalmed biology lab rats). The children represented here have been taught that they each have as unique a voice in writing as they do in speaking. Their writings also show that they know they have been given a life worth writing about. The adults who participate in the whole of the children’s lives, and who therefore see daily what the children love, are also their “academic” instructors and have assured them not only that who and what the children are seeks continually to express itself (only sometimes through writing) but that these same “instructors” (usually the parents) are listening and want to hear what they have to say. Consequently, the narratives that are in this book are as real, lively and fun as the lives of those who penned them.

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